Give Your Products The Edge

Panelco hold an edging product range that matches every decorative panel that we hold in stock

Our decorative edging collection offers you a comprehensive selection of edging products from the worlds leading manufacturers. Available in a variety of thicknesses, widths, colours and textures, offering exciting finishes for relatively low costs.

A correctly applied edging tape creates the solid look and feel for your Melamine faced components. Using the correct edging tape for the appropriate application is of paramount importance. The best indication that the right edging has been chosen is that you do not notice it.


From soft neutrals to the bright, bold and every shade inbetween, we offer matching edging for every plain colour board we hold in stock. We can offer traditional melamine edgings as well as the increasingly popular ABS. The ideal way to finish your exposed edges!


As our woodgrain decors continue to expand and evolve with more depth and realism, bringing them ever closer to the real thing, a matching woodgrain edging product is of the utmost importance to achieve that quality finish. From the traditional to the more contemporary reproductions our ABS and melamine woodgrain edging range has something to suit every project, whether commercial or domestic.


Eye-catching high gloss ABS edging that matches our extensive range of MDF and acrylic gloss boards. The collection includes both intense and attractive high gloss and solid uni colours, as well as modern woodgrains and fantasy designs resulting in high quality, visually stunning panels.

3D 2 in 1

3D 2-in-1 is a two-coloured 3D ABS edging with a solid colour strip on the top and brushed aluminium on the bottom. The solid colour is 0.6mm wide and the brushed aluminium is 1.7mm. Applying 3D 2-in-1 edging to a high gloss panel will give the impression of a 0.6mm thick acrylic overlay which increases the value of the panel visually. 3D edging is also printed from the reverse resulting in high scratch resistance and is applied like PVC or ABS edging.

This unique product allows you to accentuate and highlight the edge in an unsurpassed way. Be it in retail, hospitality, corporate, educational or even healthcare environments.

Digital Edge – Creativity Unlimited

Just imagine you could freely select an inexpensive fantasy design for your individual piece of furniture – in small batch sizes and with a short delivery time, well now you can! A newly developed technology enables individual motifs (logos, photos, messages, graphics) to be printed onto thermoplastic edging for the first time. With Digital-Edge from Döllken your design dreams become a reality. Digitally printed edging is an additional, important advertising space. Retail outlets and bespoke furniture can be edged with a specific logo or brand. They can also be used for corporate designs as well as exhibition or trade fair installations. They allow personalisation, individuality and identification. Furthermore, branded edging conveys corporate design, advertising messages and emotions. This additional benefit not only offers interesting options for your customers but also for you as a furniture manufacturer.

The Digital Edge range of products are available as a special order.


With multiple leaves of the finest veneers laminated together, this new offering from Panelco represents the highest quality and most flexible thick edging on the market today. Available in our core range of veneer decors; European White Oak, Ash, American Black Walnut, White Beech, Steamed Beech, Cherry, Maple, Sapele and Pine. RealWood can be purchased in widths of 22, 29 and 45mm andthicknesses that range from 1 – 3 mm in 100 metre rolls. RealWood edging gives an authentic solid wood finish to veneered table tops, worktops, cabinets and shelving.

RealWood compliments our existing range of 0.5mm pre-glued and un-glued veneered edging, available in widths of 22, 30 and 50mm and in 50m rolls