LUXE High Gloss, ZENIT Supermatt & SYNCRON Panels

LUXE High Gloss and ZENIT Supermatt MDF Panels

LUXE high gloss and Zenit supermatt MDF panels are technologically advanced products that have a high-gloss or supermatt finish on one surface, with the reverse covered in a decorative paper in the same design. It represents the very latest generation of decorative surfaces, offering stunning and elegant interior design solutions.
This collection offers the professional interior designer fresh and imaginative decor combinations including vibrant high gloss, supermatt, pearlescent, high gloss modern woodgrains and fantasy designs for an outstanding visual effect.

The new Syncron collection comprises chipboard panels coated with a selection of modern finishes applied to wood, stone and designs that give the surface an extraordinary naturalness and a highly decorative expressiveness. Syncron can also be combined with our range of LUXE and Zenit decors for added versatility.
Exclusive to Panelco in the UK, our Luxe, Zenit and Syncron panels have superior impact and scratch resistant properties, they are FSC® certified and we stock matching ABS edging for all decors.

The Collection

Luxe High Gloss Range

The Luxe solid colour range consists of seven stunning ultra high gloss effects, designed to complement the most dynamic of interior designs, used either on their own, or in combination with other finishes

                                                                       View the Solid Uni Colour Range


Zenit Supermatt Range

Distinct colour effects make up the Zenit Supermatt and MetalDeco range. A group of ultra modern finishes developed very much with the future trends of interior design in mind. 

View the Zenit Supermatt Range


Syncron Range

A new range of extraordinary decors that represent the very latest in innovative design and can be used in any domestic or commercial interior project.

View the Syncron Range


FSC Luxe High Gloss & Zenit Supermatt MDF Panels

10 | 16 | 18 | 22 | 25
2750 x 1220

FSC Syncron MFC Panels

10 | 16 | 18 | 22 
2750 x 1220

  •  18mm available ex-stock. All other thicknesses are available to order
  • Please expect the panels to be oversized on the width to allow for trimming

Your Technical Data

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