Specialist MDF

Panelco offer an exciting and innovative range of specialist MDF products:

Neat Specialist MDF

FSC® Certified MR Neatmatch (Bead & Butt MDF ) - Primed G416 and G416X

Developed for use in humid conditions, Neatmatch is the labour saving way to cover walls and ceilings with the appearance of tongue and groove panelling without the problem of shrinkage. Boards can be butted for invisible jointing.
Standard York (G416) profile with double v-groove and bead at 100mm centres.

Other profiles, including “classic v-groove” (oxford G418) and “single v-groove with bead and butt” (ely G417) are available on request.

Domestic applications include wall panelling, ceilings, bath panels, fitted kitchens & bedroom furniture

Commercial applications include shop fitting, exhibition stands, reception desks & bar fronts

G416  - 2440 x 1215 | 3050 x 1215 (also available in 18mm)
G416x -1220 x 2440 | 1220 x 3050

FSC Certified Neatform (Flexible MDF)

Neatform is a high quality bendable sheet material. It is a processed sheet of Medite MDF, which is widely recommended by architects and designers to create freestanding curves or it can be fixed to a framework to produce a wide range of smooth curved surfaces. 

Benefits include:

  • Neatform has a smooth pre-sanded (120grit) surface
  • Panels can be laid flat with veneers or laminte before bending
  • Excellent seam hiding qualities
  • Ready to paint and stain
  • Suitable for many applications including columns, counter fronts, wavy walls, ceilings, stage and film sets.
6 | 9
2440 x 1220
1220 x 2440

FSC Certified Neatflex & Neatflex Ply (Flexible MDF)

Neatflex is flexible MDF recommended for heavy duty applications, available in Cross Cut only with typical bending radius of 300mm. It is usually made from Medite Ecologique (Neatflex) or Medite Premier with a Poplar Plywood Face (Neatflex Ply).

Other specifications of MDF including Flame Retardant and Moisture Resistant are available on request.
Neatflex and Neatflex Ply are available to special order only.

1220 x 2440

Neatsonic Acoustic MDF Panels

Designed specifically to absorb noise and reduce reverberation times, Neatsonic Acoustic MDF panels are recommended for use within schools, colleges, theatres, cinemas, libraries, airports, hotels, museums and many other applications.

Available in any specification of Medite MDF, including flame retardant and other selected substrates such as Plywood and Melamine Faced MDF..

Standard designs include ‘holes’ and ‘slots’, with an extensive matrix of spacing configurations available to meet % open area specifications. Bespoke designs and sizes available on request.

Alternative Specialist MDF

FSC Certified Primed MDF Panels

Panels are often primed on site, but why not save time and order them ready primed?

Panelco offer a range of single and double sided primed MDF panels available in 18mm thickness and panel sizes 2440 x 1220mm and 3050 x 1220mm. 

Available to special order only.

Solid Black MDF

Fibracolour solid Black MDF can be machined and lacquered to a beautiful finish for your designs.

10 | 19
2500 x 1250

PEFC™  Certified Painted One Side MDF

Available in White and Magnolia.

2440 x 1220


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