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Egger strive for authenticity in all their decors, so they pay special attention to not just the look but the feel of them. Their textures add expression and character, depth and realism, all with the aim of making them indistinguishable from the original material.

Here you can see an overview of all the textures and the various decors within each range.


SM - Semi Matt

A smooth, paint like and untextured surface finish.

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ST2 - Smoothtouch Pearl

A  mini-pearl texture, with a medium gloss level. This surface is robust, very durable and is best used with uni colours and pearlescent decors.

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ST9 - Smoothtouch Matt

Used with uni colours and woodgrains offering a very soft and natural feel. This texture supports the trend for matt surfaces.

See all ST9 decors


ST10 - Authentic

A highly authentic and realistic texture for solid wood / material reproductions.

See all ST10 decors


ST11 - Natural Pore

This irregular matt-gloss wood pore surface offers a very natural appearance. Used mainly on classic oak reproductions.

See all ST11 decors


ST12 - Omnipore Matt (NEW for 2017)

Using a depth of texture instead of varying gloss levels, the surface achieves a natural look.

See all ST12 decors


ST15 - Smoothtouch Velvet

A smooth, flat surface finish with low gloss levels and low maintenance. Combines with intensive uni colours and a wide variety of woodgrains.

See all ST15 decors


ST22 - Deepskin Linear

A deep brushed finish with a matt - gloss linear grain. This offers a realistic surface for linear woodgrain decors, giving them more naturalness and depth.

See all ST22 decors


ST30 - Gloss

A smooth surface with high gloss level, especailly suited for uni colours and premium woodgrain decors.

See all ST30 decors


ST31 - Platinum Ash

This surface has a flowered design (directional, non-tilt) and a high gloss level.

See all ST31 decors


ST87 - Matex Ceramic

This texture exhibits pronounced matt-gloss effects, simulating the surface and feel of a ceramic sheet.

See all ST87 decors


Products Available

8 | 15 | 18 | 25 | 38
2800 x 2070

EGGER EURODEKOR® FSC® Melamine Faced Chipboard

EURODEKOR ® MFC incorporates the recent developments in quality and realism of EGGER’s reproductions and allows you to offer the look and feel of veneers without the premium price. It is an environmentally sustainable product which contains over 40% recycled wood. Other thicknesses are available on request.
2650 x 2070


EURODEKOR ® MF-MDF has exactly the same surface finishes as EURODEKOR ® MFC but has an MDF core. EURODEKOR ® MF-MDF is mainly used where excellent screw-holding of heavy loads is required. The MDF core can be grooved or routed into as a design feature. Edges can be painted, lacquered or left unfinished.




3050 x 1310
2150 x 950 (Special Order)

EGGER Laminate

EGGER Laminate is the perfect material for high traffic areas where a hard wearing surface is essential, such as counter tops, doors, reception desks and many more interior and shop-fitting applications. Compared to veneers, laminates are much more durable and resistant to scratches.

50  (38mm - Special Order)
2800 x 2070

EGGER Eurolight

EGGER Eurolight is a composite board with strong surface layers, combined with a light, yet robust cardboard honeycomb core. In addition to its low weight, it feature outstanding stability and offers many design and construction options.

22mm x 0.4mm x 200 Metre Rolls
23mm x 0.8mm x 75 Metre Rolls
23mm x 2.0mm x 75 Metre Rolls
28mm x 2.0mm x 75 Metre Rolls (Special Order)
54mm x 2.0mm x 25 Metre Rolls


EGGER ABS edging is a durable thermoplastic edge banding that is colour and texture matched to the EURODEKOR ® MFC & MF-MDF range, ensuring a consistent appearance.


EURODEKOR ® melamine faced panels are constructed from a decorative printed paper covering a chipboard or MDF core. This pre-bonded finished material requires no further fabrication except edging.

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