New Egger Decorative Collection 2017 - 2019

Consumer know-how of design trends has never been so great.
Nor has it ever been so easily accessible.

That‘s why you need a resource that gives you a large variety of not only choice, but possibility.
The possibility to create furniture that stands out against your competition... that gives you the edge.
The possibility to create combinations that others don‘t have the foresight to see.

The Decorative Collection

You can view all of the new MFC Egger decors, available ex-stock below or alternatively view our entire Egger Decor Collection, available ex-stock, by clicking here.


PerfectSense Gloss

PerfectSense Gloss is a premium category of high gloss. The degree of reflection of PerfectSense Gloss allows you to create the kind of high-end look that was previously only achievable by using glass or acrylic. MDF as a support material also guarantees an exceptionally smooth surface.

The UV technology ensures a long-lasting gloss effect and, simultaneously, a hard-wearing surface.

The range of decors and sizes available are shown below;

W1100 Alpine White

U222 Crema Beige 

U702 Cashmere

U708 Light Grey

U727 Stone

U732 Dust Grey

U961 Graphite Grey


PerfectSense Matt

Matt as the contrast trend to high gloss is currently in high demand for exclusive interior design. Matt surfaces, in particular, represent superior value. With its muted hues, PerfectSense Matt provides a high-quality look thanks to its soft matt feel

The special no-fingerprint surface of PerfectSense Matt prevents fingerprints, even on frequently touched surfaces, e.g., handle-free fronts

U104 Alabaster White 

U961 Graphite Grey

W1100 Alpine White     

PerfectSense Panels (PSG & PSM)

2800 x 2070

Other sizes are available on request


A range of matching edging products are available for the PerfectSense Gloss range in 2.0mm x 23mm x 75 metre rolls.


New Textures 2017

The new textures available for 2017 are below:


(Synchronised Pore)


New Decors 2017

The new decors available for 2017 are below:

ST2 - Smoothtouch Pearl

A mini-pearl texture, with a medium gloss level. This surface is robust, very durable and is best used with uni colours and pearlescent decors.

F447 Lava Grey Metallic

ST9 - Smoothtouch Matt

ST9, has a tactile, matt finish. The interplay between natural colours and the peach-skin like texture can help create a modern, yet calming atmosphere.

The matt surface, with its very low gloss level, is especially well suited to warm, trendy uni colours and supports the trend for matt surfaces.

F477 Blue Grey Metallic

U201 Pebble Grey

U507  Smoke Blue

U599 Indigo Blue

U775 White Grey

U899 Cosmos Grey

U960 Onyx Grey

W1300 White Glacier


U104 Alabaster
(New Texture Only)

U108 Vanilla
(New Texture Only)

U215 Magnolia
(New Texture Only)

U222 Crema
(New Texture Only)

U708 Light Grey
(New Texture Only)

U732 Dust Grey
(New Texture Only)

U765 Silver Grey
(New Texture Only)


ST10 - Authentic

A highly authentic and realistic texture for solid wood / material reproductions.

H1387 Graphite Denver Oak

H3048 Antique Brown Borneo 

H3155 Tobacco Charleston Oak 

H3991 Natural Country Beech 

F426 Grey Linen

ST12 - Omnipore Matt - New Texture for 2017 

Using a depth of texture instead of varying gloss levels, the surface achieves a natural look.

H3131 Natural Davos Oak
H3133 Truffle Brown Davos Oak

H3170 Natural Kendal Oak

H3171 Oiled Kendal Oak 

H1137 Black/Brown Ferrara Oak
(New Texture Only)

H1319 Light Calais Oak
(New Texture Only)

H1342 Natural Montana Oak
(New Texture Only)

H1381 Winchester Oak
(New Texture Only)

ST22 - Deepskin Linear

A deep brushed finish with a matt - gloss linear grain. This offers a realistic surface for linear woodgrain decors, giving them more naturalness and depth.

H1122 Whitewood

H1123 Graphitewood 

H1401 Cascina Pine

F283 Boston Concrete



ST27 - Feelwood Elegance (Synchronised Pore)

A deep natural texture designed to replicate the bespoke and timeless look of solid wood or veneered panels. With the feel of true craftsmanship and quality, ST27 incorporates a meticulously-considered grain pattern that has been specifically designed for use with a palette of neutral solid colours - producing a finish reminiscent of painted timber.

This surface sets itself apart with a fine and strict but nevertheless natural pore.

U201 Pebble Grey

U636 Fjord Green

ST28 - Feelwood Nature (Synchronised Pore)

The FEELWOOD NATURE texture, ST28, is characterised by its authentic character. Knots and planking create a natural feel reminiscent of solid wood.

The matt texture is synchronised with the grain of Gladstone Oak to emphasise the sandblasted character.

H3335 White Gladstone Oak


ST30 - Gloss

A smooth surface with high gloss level, especailly suited for uni colours and premium woodgrain decors.

U323 Chilli Red 

U702 Cashmere Grey 

U708 Light Grey 

U732 Dust Grey 

U763 Pearl Grey 

H3025 Macassar 

ST37 - Feelwood Rift (Synchronised Pore)

The latest addition to the Feelwood range, Feelwood Rift follows the trend towards a natural and authentic quality with a deceptively genuine wood look and feel.

H1176 White Halifax Oak 



ST38 - Feelwood Pinegrain (Synchronised Pore)
New Texture for 2017

The texture displays a deeply brushed softwood appearance with a high value pearl effect thanks to the matt and gloss elements. The surface creates the look of painted or lacquered solid wood when applied to uni colours. 

H3403 White Mountain Larch H3406 Anthracite Mountain Larch
U999 Black

W1000 Premium White




Products Available

2800 x 2070

EGGER EURODEKOR® FSC® Melamine Faced Chipboard

EURODEKOR ® MFC incorporates the recent developments in quality and realism of EGGER’s reproductions and allows you to offer the look and feel of veneers without the premium price. It is an environmentally sustainable product which contains over 40% recycled wood. Other thicknesses are available on request.


EGGER ABS edging is a durable thermoplastic edge banding that is colour and texture matched to the EURODEKOR ® MFC & MF-MDF range, ensuring a consistent appearance.

EURODEKOR ® melamine faced panels are constructed from a decorative printed paper covering a chipboard or MDF core. This pre-bonded finished material requires no further fabrication except edging.

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