Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is a high quality multi-ply panel with excellent physical and mechanical properties. It is used extensively in construction, packaging, furniture and vehicle manufacture and other precision engineering applications. Its main attributes are its consistent strength, fine grain texture and ease of finishing.  


Birch plywood is made up of multiple layers of relatively thin veneers resulting in a higher glue content for any given thickness compared to plywood panels. While the outer plies are always birch, for some productions where weight and value are of greater importance than strength, alternative birch veneers are replaced with spruce to create a 'combi' construction.


Birch veneer is of a pale colour with a fine well sanded finish, allowing almost limitless customisation options. It can be left unfinished or further sanded and stained or painted to your customer's requirements.

A Renewable Source

From the ecological perspective, birch is an abundant, relatively fast grown, temperate specie. It is grown in certified well managed plantations, where biodiversity and sustainability are protected during the growth, harvesting and replanting cycle.

Panelco stocks birch plywood from from the most reliable resources in Scandinavia & Eastern Europe in a range of face grades to suit most customer demands.

S - Virtually blemish-free birch face with a limited number of small pin knots and other minor characteristics.
All grades are sanded on both sides.
Used for good quality painting, staining and lacquering where the face appearance is of high importance.
BB - All major defects replaced with wood patches. Some brown stain permitted. Allow for colour variations.
All grades sanded on both sides.
The main commercial/utility grade, suitable for general work where a solid surface is required but visual appearance is not so important.
WG - All sound knots permitted with a few open objects, staining and discolouration are permitted. For use where the surface appearance is not important.
All grades are sanded on both sides.
WGE - Plywood of WG grade without open defects (repaired with epoxy filler)
C - A similar appearance to WG. it is usually un-sanded un-sanded with open defects and dis-colouration, suitable for projects where the face quality does not matter.

FSC® Certified Latvian Birch T/O Plywood BB/BB, BB/WG, WGE/WGE - E1, EN314-2 Class 2, Specification EN636-2S, (CE2+, 9mm & Up)

4 | 6.5 | 9 | 12 | 15 | 18 | 21 | 24
2440 x 1220/1220 X 2440 (Available in BB/BB & BB/WG only)
1525 x 3050/1220 X 3050 (Available in WGE/WGE only)

FSC Certified Long Grain Birch T/O Plywood S/BB - E1, EN314-2 Class 2, Specification EN636-2S, (CE2+, 9mm & Up)

12 | 18  
2440 x 1220

Russian Birch T/O Plywood BB/BB - E1, EN314-2 Class 3, Specification EN636-2

3 | 4 | 6 | 9 | 12 | 15 | 18 | 24
1525 x 1525
2440 x 1220 (Available in 4 & 6mm only)

PEFC™ Certified Finnish Grade III Quality Birch 3 Ply Thin Veneer Plywood - EN314-2 Class 2, Specification EN636-2

An ultra-lightweight panel, with a consistently fine surface, yet strong with excellent bending properties.

3-ply birch veneer with exterior bonding throughout.

1500 x 1500
Other thicknesses available to special order.

FSC Russian Syktvvkar S+/BB Birch Plywood EN314-2 Class 3, Specification EN636-2S (CE2+, 9mm & Up)

12 | 18 | 24
2440 x 1220

Reference to CE2+ indicates that the panel satisfies Building Regulation 7 for structural use in buildings.

The face images shown above are intended as a guide to the general appearance of the panels. No warranty is expressed or implied that the actual panels will possess all or any of the characteristics as shown.



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