Let Us Work With Your Wood


Our in-house cutting facility provides a custom-made service to satisfy all jobs.

You tell us the desired product specifications and we will accommodate and provide the solution.

Panelco will absorb all your cut and edge worries and deliver perfection.


In-house Cut and Edge Facility


Panelco provide a specialised cut to size machining service, utilising a vast in-stock range of melamine decors. As well as melamines, we also machine all sorts of general board products, for applications in a variety of end uses. Many of these require a high level of calibrated accuracy, which comes as standard. We have invested heavily in the last few years in our production facilities, most recently with the installation of a third Beam Saw, the new FH-8 430/220 Auto from Schelling UK allowing us to increase capacity, without compromising on service and quality.


Bespoke Services


Our impressive cut and edge facility produces just what the customer wants. With our expansive production factory boards can be made to your specification.

A speciality for edged two long boards, our market leading in-house machines can produce everything that you could need.

We can cut and edge panels to your exact measurements with one of our high level beam saws.

Panelco’s cut and edged panel range is manufactured only from FSC certified board. It is your guarantee that the wood in the board is derived from well-managed forests.


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