Grey is the new black


Forming the foundations



A perfect base for any space, the numerous shades of grey ensure endless pairing options. Combining soft, light or dark hues with colours from any other palette creates a unique finish every time.

The rise of Scandinavian style interiors mean interiors have been infiltrated with more muted greys, taupes, whites and soft pastels. Panelco feature greys across all our ranges,including EGGER's White Grey U775, Kronospan's Light Grey U112 and Dust Grey and Graphite Grey from Treeline.


Bold, distinct sophistication



Create timeless elegance by using grey as a statement colour. Using Treeline’s cut and edged furniture panels, create pieces in darker shades, such as Dust Grey or Graphite Grey, then compliment and contrast with pieces in Alpine White. Add soft furnishings using shades of the same palette to form a unified, seamless monochrome design which, research has shown, creates a calming and soothing environment. Light and natural wood grains such as Treeline's Lancaster Oak add to the calming atmosphere.