Decorative Panels FSC Certified Supermatt Acrylic Faced MDF

Senoplast Supermatt Acrylic Faced MDF  is a scratch resistant acrylic with a Supermatt surface quality. Senoplast have set a bench mark in the industry, offering an excellent scratch and scour resistance which is significantly higher than other matt surfaces. Increased UV resistance and anti-finger marking properties are also key features of this market leading product.



Scratch resistant


UV resistance


Anti-fingerprint properties


No minimum order


Available ex-stock

Furniture industry

Shop interiors

Interior design

Matching edging is available.

Please refer to the relevant downloads for further information.

Decors available are:





Decorative Panels

CG35 – Frost White

Decorative Panels

CG36 – Cream

Decorative Panels

CG37 – Cashmere

Decorative Panels

CG38 – Dark Grey

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