Firesure Classic Arch ATP Plywood Euroclass C

Firesure Classic Arch ATP FR Euroclass C Plywood is manufactured from tropical hardwood veneers throughout, normally bonded together with a phenol formaldehyde adhesive. The plywood has been pressure impregnated with a special flame retardant solution that, after kiln drying, gives the panel enhanced reaction-to-fire performance. The soluble nature of the FR chemicals used in the panel means that it is only suitable of dry interior use.

The chemical used in the impregnation process and efficacy of the process itself is subjected extreme testing and factory production control, audited by a body recognised by the European Commission. The auditing process includes handling, stock control and traceability even in Meyer Timber’s own warehouse, ensuring that these panels will perform their ultimate function when called upon in the event of a fire. A declaration of performance is available for this panel.



Enhanced Reaction-To-Fire performance to EN13501-1, Euroclass C


Not suitable for structural use in buildings


For dry interior use only


No minimum order


Available ex-stock

 Any non-structural application where enhanced resistance to fire propagation is an essential requirement.

All of our Flame Retardant treated panels are created and controlled through our own certified Factory Production Control process, audited by a body recognised by the European Commission. The FPC process, in addition, incorporated into our ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.





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