Indonesian Marine Plywood to BS1088 1 2003 Third Party Approved CE4

Indonesian Marine Plywood BS1088, HFB Approved, is manufactured from tropical hardwood veneers throughout, normally bonded together with phenol formaldehyde adhesive. The tropical hardwood is of Keruing species, sometimes faced in Dark Red Meranti. This panel is “Standard” class marine panel having exceptional resistance to both bio-deterioration and loss of bond strength over time.

It is not tested for strength and consequently not suitable for structural use in buildings. This is designated by the term “CE4” in the description.



Suitable for the construction marine craft


Superior resistance to loss of bond strength with time


Meets EN314-2 Bonding class 3


Meets EN636 Specification class 2


Good sanded finish for painting or varnishing


Must be completely sealed for external use


No minimum order


Available ex-stock


Marine Craft



Vehicle Bodies

Indonesian Marine Plywood BS1088 CE4 is manufactured in factories for which a Factory Production Control certificate has been issued by a body recognised by European Commission.

Legality of harvest is evidenced by virtue of a FLEGT licence, issued by an Indonesian government department, for every shipment.





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