Surteco Pre-Glued Melamine Edging

Melamine Edging is easy to apply and is an ideal way to finish the exposed edge of melamine faced chipboard or other boards. The edging tape is pre-glued and is simply ironed on. Ideal  for professional use or DIY projects such as cabinet door repairs. 

Our decorative melamine edging collection offers you a comprehensive selection of edging products from the worlds leading manufacturers. Available in a variety of thicknesses, widths, colours and textures, offering exciting finishes for relatively low costs.

A correctly applied edging tape creates the solid look and feel for your Melamine faced components. Using the correct edging tape for the appropriate application is of paramount importance. The best indication that the right edging has been chosen is that you do not notice it.



Extensive range of decors and designs available


Offered pre-glued or un-glued


No minimum order


Available ex-stock







98303 – Light Grey